Tools for MGMT: Episode 106

Presubscriptions, Messi's brother, $100k with AWAL

My name is Ethan. I manage a screenwriter and a comedian. I started this newsletter to regularly send out a few links that I think other mangers will find interesting. Thanks for reading.

Presubscribe by Stir
The idea with Presubscribe is that you can preemptively pledge to support your favorite creators with the idea that if they know they’ll have a base of fans willing to pay monthly for their work, they’ll be more apt take the leap to become independent. Monthly recurring revenue in place of a salary is a powerful thing.

Enough ink has been spilled about journalists quitting their jobs to start paid Substacks. What’s far more interesting (to me) would be Presubscribe integrating with Instagram or YouTube to provide another data point for musicians, comedians, designers, etc. on how they could make a living.

Influencer Collab House Economics
Taylor Lorenz wrote about the perils of moving into an influencer collab house in Los Angeles, where managers will sign leases at these mansions and then contractually obligate their clients to do a certain number of brand deals to pay the rent. The Kids Next Door house, for example, rents for $18,500 a month.

The full sordid tale is worth the read… with allegations of cybersquatting, requirements to post on social media 8 times per day, utilities being shut off, and the Kombucha reaction girl. Mess.

Stream Calc from Lauv & mxmtoon’s manager
This is the first streaming calculator I’ve seen that estimates both master and publishing earnings. I was poking around the source code and found the multiples in StreamCode.js and they seem reasonable enough to me. I won’t pretend to be a publishing expert, but I can’t let that stop me from looking forward to the quarterly BMI checks.

Manager of the Week™: Rodrigo Messi
It turns out that Leo Messi doesn’t have an agent, but is managed by a combination of his father and brother Rodrigo – the latter of which is described as Leo’s scheduler and manager of the Messi brand. Rodrigo also looked after the affairs of my favorite FC Barcelona youngster, 17 y.o. Ansu Fati (who has been wreaking havoc on the left wing)… that is, until Fati fired him this summer and signed with #superagent Jorge Mendes.

AWAL x $100k

AWAL is claiming that hundreds of independent artists distributing through their platform are now bringing in $100k+ a year from streaming. Using the Stream Calc from above, we see that 1.69M monthly Spotify streams will generate $8,334 on master/publishing royalties ($100k/12 months). To be sure, if you are earning on Spotify, you are earning elsewhere, also – so that number is even more attainable. And as we all know, every artist is going to have a different distribution deal and varying ownership percentages of their masters and publishing… but this is really exciting news.

Ok I’m signing off, but leaving you with three additional reads if you need more:

That’s all for this week. Catch you soon.