Tools for MGMT: Episode 207

Back from KC and ready to advise...

My name is Ethan. I manage Alex Russell, Zack Fox, and Cam Hicks. I started this newsletter to regularly send out a few links and musings that I hope other managers will find interesting. Thanks for reading this seventh edition of season two.

It’s been a busy last two months. I’m sure you can relate! Here are a few things on my mind:

I spent the weekend with Zack and the homie Marco in Kansas City for a few stand-up comedy dates at the KC Improv. Planet Comicon was also in town. Perfect for Zack. Jordan Davis made the trip up from Shreveport to perform at KC Live. Perfect for me. The jokes were funny, especially those about the Taliban. The BBQ was underwhelming. A tornado almost started on Friday.

And while it was nice getting in touch with my midwxst roots and running along the Missouruh River, I did have an allergic reaction to some milk before the two Saturday shows and was absolutely OFF the Benadryl® antihistamines from 6PM onward, and then woke up the next morning somehow already back in New York.

More and more people have been asking for my advice (!) on various topics (yikes). And I gotta tell ya, it feels really strange. It’s not the dreaded imposter syndrome per se… because I don’t necessarily feel like a fraud (been there, done that!).

I guess I am just feeling a bit behind on my day job (responding to emails…) because I’ve been spending too many hours each day on various Discords trying to figure out which NFTs are going to pump next. And this comes with some guilt.

But as we all know – the more emails you send, the more emails you receive. 🔁

Am I the guy to come to for advice? Maybe! Would I ask myself for advice? On most things, probably not! But to that end, I’m speaking on a panel this Thursday on… well… I’ll let you read the graphic:

If demand for this sort of advice giving keeps up, I might consider investing in a real headshot. But not yet. If you’d like to attend the panel (2PM ET), lemme know and I can slide you a link. 🎟

Doesn’t it feel really in right now? Or am I just imagining this? Which way are the cultural winds blowing? BBQ spot #1 (built into a gas station) in Kansas City had Heineken 0.0 as one of the 6 beer options last Friday night. What???

And having now had both, I’m pleased to report that the brass at Heineken didn’t cut corners: the 0.0 still has that absolutely iconic piss taste even without the alcohol.

I inadvertently took this advice and stopped drinking at 21… which is now too many years ago for it still to be a core tenet of my identity. Without realizing it, I moved on to being defined not by my sobriety, but by my allergies.

But generally speaking, I think less alcohol is a good thing, and I’m excited about more options out there for people! Corona Cero is up next for me.

I think I’ve linked it before, but I keep coming back to this essay from Nathan Barry called The ladders of wealth creation. I (like many of you) am running a service business with limited opportunities for recurring revenue. Indeed, there is a recurring nature to certain assets owned or controlled by my clients (music royalties, consulting retainers, rights to television residuals) which are lovely – but I want to build more recurring revenue streams and products with my clients and move up the ladder!

This is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to shake this e-commerce side project that I started almost a year ago. The revenue is still modest, but it comes every month on schedule. Making a new sale is exhilarating. Building a funnel and calculating gross margin, CAC, and LTV is a great time…

What are your recurring revenue streams? What products or productized services are you selling? I want to hear about them!

Three people have asked me this week if I’m looking to take on new management clients. And I’m flattered. But the short answer? No. Why not?

First: Alex Russell hand picks all of my clients. This has always been the case. I am but a vessel, and his discerning taste is final.

Second: the best thing I can do is have a lot of free time to sit, read, think, and be as responsive and helpful as possible to everyone currently entrusting me to do so. I feel like I need a lot of slack to do that well.

This is next week’s schedule. A bit artificially light with the holiday weekend ahead, sure… but more or less what I’m shooting for.

But would I sign the right magician? Yes, assuming Alex was onboard…

Ok, that’s a wrap – but here are a few more reads for the rest of your week:

Catch you soon… hopefully not in two more months. Let’s see!